Bruce Lee’s Kitchen

John Chilson

Bruce Lee's Kitchen


Location: SE 13th and Lexington, Sellwood

The Story:

The small block of food carts in Sellwood have seen some turnover during the past couple of years, some carts have shuttered while others have moved to different locations, which is completely natural – we’re talking mobile eateries here. Recently moving next door to Garden State [who are opening a new cart on Mississippi soon] is a welcome newcomer, Bruce Lee’s Kitchen.

The owner is upbeat and stoked to be in business. Her enthusiasm is awesome as were the tattered copies of “The Millionaire Next Door” and “Your Money or Your Life” next to the register. She’s ready, man.

The food? Hearty and huge portions. You can get it mild or spicy as you’d like it. I sampled the tofu stir fry which was served in hearty portions with bell peppers, carrots, onions, tofu and a side of white rice. How can one go wrong with a simple stir fry? It’s happened. Not so here, though. It was satisfying for a complete meal but I still managed to cram in a spring roll. Fresh, delicious and simple.

Future food carters: There’s enough foot traffic to keep the Sellwood food cart block in business. A couple more would make it more vibrant.

Sample Menu:

  • Pad Thai, chicken or tofu $5.50
  • Stir Fry, chicken or tofu $5.50
  • Red Curry, chicken or tofu, $5.50
  • Teriyaki chicken, $5.50
  • Fried Rice, $5.50
  • Various appetizers, including spring rolls, salad rolls, vegetable pot stickers, ranging in price from $1.25 to $2.50.

Hours: Daily, Monday through Sunday
Phone: 503-320-8269



  1. all i want to know is how they came up with the name? that alone is worth a visit

  2. Big thumbs up on the name as well.

  3. Food is excellent. Big portions I’ll be back.

  4. Great Phat Thai, Curry or Teriaki Chicken, nice cover if it’s raining.

  5. The Pad Thai is very good. I stopped by on a rainy day and they had a nice covered area while you wait. The lady was very nice, next time i’ll have to ask her to make it spicy for me.

  6. I’m from Alaska and I was in Oregon for the Holiday Season. I happened to stop by Bruce Lee’s Kitchen. Oh my! The food was so delicious but too bad I did not have the opportunity to try all of the dishes. Love the Pad Thai and beef stir fried! Keep up the good work.

  7. I love this cart. The food is so good that I order it to go and bring it to parties with my friends and family and everyone loves it! Liza is a sweetheart who will go out of her way to please you if she can and she can make the food as mild or as spicy as you want. The portions for the amount of money she charges are enormous. Give it a try and you won’t be sorry.

  8. Is this the place that’s caddy corner to Chuck Norris’ Antique Emporium and Jackie Chan’s House of Crepes?

  9. I love this cart

  10. I pass this cart everyday. Finally tried it and whoa. For $5.50 I have lunch for today and tomorrow and I eat a lot. Best deal ever. She knows what will bring me back: delicious food in heaping portions. Word.

  11. The red curry is unbelievably good- the best I’ve ever had.

  12. Wow, looks like Portland has a great street food culture

  13. I live by Bruce Lee’s and eat there on a regular basis. All i have to say is
    A mazing!! The food, the service the owner everything about this food cart is down right amazing. Liza (the owner) always puts a smile on my face whenever I see her. She truly knows the way to a mans heart 🙂
    If you haven’t visited go do it…NOW!!

  14. capricorn28 says:

    I was so excited to find out about this cart because I’ve been looking for good Thai food in SE, and I finally found it here!!! ;D Her portions are huge, and the food is so flavorful. I’ve tried a few things of the menu: Pad Thai, Red Curry, and Ck fried rice, and they have all been delicious! I will always come back to this cart for the amazing food.

  15. SilverWings says:

    Bruce Lee offers good though IMHO not great Thai Food and stir-frys. The size or quantity is plenty to feed a hungry dude. I had the Pad Thai $5.50 and egg/spring rolls $2.25 (3) which were enjoyable. While waiting in the short line I spoke with a few regular customers who love this cart and are very loyal. The owner is a pleasant lady who seems to like her customers.

    The cluster has a few other carts too. Garden State’s cart was not there. There were tables with some overhead cover from the sun.

  16. Liza is the BEST! She has great flavor and always has a smile on her face. Good food too! Huge portions. I have been going there for years and am addicted to the peanut sauce. The location is great for picking up a book at the library and sitting in the sun. Go for the Fried Rice, you will not be disappointed 🙂

  17. This is my favorite pad thai in Portland so far. I wish she would add squid or octopus to the meat options.

    The owner does have family obligations which may keep her from the cart, but she does try her best to give advance notice, even leaving a new message on the voicemail. But sometimes she’ll close up because of bad weather, lack of customers. Do call ahead of time whenever you want to go here.

    But do go here, because the food is worth it.

  18. PS: I think “Bruce Lee’s Kitchen” is just a name. I’ve never asked her if there is a special reason.


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