Magic Beans

Magic Beans

Magic Beans

N Mississippi at Skidmore in Mississippi Marketplace


Mississippi Marketplace is now full. All the spots are taken and the final cart to open is Magic Beans. This bright yellow cart has been drawing curious eyes for the past month of people wondering what they are going to offer. The pod has so much great food, who can come in and add more? Magic Beans opened in mid November and according to one of the owners, Scott, has been selling out a majority of the days. I guess they hit the mark.

Magic Beans specializes in falafel sandwiches or ghanoush. They managed to shoehorn a fryer in the back of the cart, which allows them to make the falafel along with some tasty fries. The menu is pretty straight forward from first glance, but upon ordering, I was peppered with some extra questions – what flavor of hummus, what kind of salt for the fries. I had to think a bit – do I go for red pepper or one with jalapenos? Do I get lemon pepper salt or rosemary? And to think, I was getting “The Real Deal” a sandwich, fries and a drink for $6.

Falafel and fries from Magic Beans

Falafel and fries from Magic Beans

The falafel sandwich was tasty. The falafel were soft, yet crunchy; the spicyness of either the ghanoush or the hummus was flavorful without being overpowering. The cheese was feta, but didn’t have that dryness you sometimes get and mixed well with the spices. The fries were fresh cut and I chose the lemon pepper seasoning which gave them a great flavor. I’m the guy who always salts the fries and this time, the fries stood out without any need for extra salt or ketchup. A great lunch.

Magic Beans is the collaboration of Jordan, Scott and Jason. I really enjoyed chatting with them while ordering – they are engaging and have a good sense of humor – a trait needed when engaging customers on a very cold day at a cart. The meal was a great deal. All that food for $6, you can’t go wrong. Being brand new, they may still be working out the kinks like schedule and such, but for now, they are open most days at 11 and into the late afternoon. They hope to be a late night cart, but currently, there is no lighting at Mississippi Marketplace, so it is difficult to see where the carts are. Soon. Next time you are down there, stop by and say hi, order up a falafel sandwich and tell them Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Falafel sandwich – $4
  • Falafel sandwich with fries and drink (ice tea) – $6
  • Ghanoush – winter squash or anaheim pepper – $4
  • Hummus – red pepper flavored
  • Housemade fries – lemon pepper or rosemary seasoning – $2
  • Most items are gluten free

Hours: Daily plus weekends open @ 11am. Closing time late afternoon with goal of late night
Contact: unknown




  1. We tried this cart on Friday, and to be honest we were a little disappointed. The food was reasonably good in general, but the rosemary fries had no rosemary (that we could detect), and the sauce (I believe it was delicata squash or similar – can’t remember) was also slim to none – at least neither of us could taste. We liked the ideas, but the execution for us was a little off.

    The other minor point was when we asked for a recommendation on what to try first, the answer with a bit of attitude (in my opinion) was, “I wouldn’t serve anything that wasn’t good.” I get where the guy was coming from, but a better answer would have been a simple recommendation. That probably sounds picky, but most other places that I ask that question, cart or not, I get a little enthusiasm for a dish or sauce without a “look”.

    I hope if the guys read this they take it as constructive feedback – I’m a huge cart supporter, but a few minor adjustments could really improve the experience.

  2. One of these days…

    One of these days, I’m gonna drag my ass up out of my Comfort Zone here in SE and head on up to Mississippi Marketplace!

    I’ve been past on the bus a few times on the way elsewhere, but never jumped of there.

    This cart just might give me a reason to, though. And soon, at that. I’m still searching for the perfect french fry. And that falafel sandwich pic looks great…

  3. Kiera Hansen says

    I ate here today and got the falafel sandwich. I am picky, unemployed (thus broke), and this is not my hood so my opinion is pretty weighted I think. I asked what was on the falafel expecting a simple answer and was given so many options that I smiled and nodded and said yes to every option that contained the word “pepper”, and to make sure that everything was vegan. What I remember was pepperoncinis, some pepper spread of sorts, some vegan yogurt sauce, fresh lettuce salad mix, and a fresh-ish pita. My girlfriend looked at my surprised because… like I said, Im picky and this was out of my comfort zone. What I got was delicious. The falafel were a bit crumbly but they were fresh and you could see whole beans in them. The vegetables were tasty. There wasn’t too much of anything on there… and I like that. The dude who worked here was nice and chatty. I will certainly go back and get the special because the fries looked tasty. The other folks eating there on this VERY cold day were also very happy with the food and told me a number of times.

    Good job guys! I will be back.

  4. well i wish i could say that the food is great here but i can’t because every time i go there during operating hours it is closed or they are “out of food” 4 hours before closing time, or they “aren’t taking orders because they have to make dip”. It’s a great location and a great idea for a food cart but its too bad they don’t have their shit together and the workers are rude and standoffish to friendly inquiring customers. I guess they don’t need the business. And honestly their $6 special isn’t much cheaper than any other Lebanese restaurant’s falafel sandwich deal.

  5. SilverWings says

    I tried out the falafel, fries, and ice tea. The nicest that I can say is that the meal was mediocre. There was nothing exciting (nothing!) or special about this meal. If I’m going to pay for someone else to cook me food I expect it to be at least decent. I have no plans to eat here again. BTW, I am a big fan of food carts and love to give good carts my business.


  1. […] Magic Beans! What a cool name for a food cart. I’m excited about this one. Looks like it serves of Greek style food (hummus, falafels, etc). It’s located in the Mississippi Marketplace cart area which frankly sounds amazing. I’m getting stoked for my next Portland strike (N Mississippi at Skidmore in Mississippi Marketplace). […]

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