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Over the past few years, we’ve all seen a change in the food cart pod at SW 5th and Oak. Many new carts have arrived and a few have stuck around through the growth. One cart has changed a couple of times now, but is always open. First it was Taste of Kasakhstan, then a combination of that and Gyro King. Now, it has re-opened as Crêperie – a crêpe cart. When I spoke with the crêpe slinger, Ilya, about the new cart he told me they were just trying something new.

My first introduction to crêpes in Portland was at Perierra Crêperie at Cartopia in SE. I loved that they were offering up both sweet and savory crepes. The new Crêperie received some guidance from Perierra prior to opening, so I was excited to see what they offered and glad to know cart owners help each other out. I was there during the first week, so the menu may change, but Ilya knew what he was doing with the crêpe griddle.

Chicken and Gruyere Crepe

Chicken and Gruyere Crepe

I ordered the chicken with Gruyere. I love that the carts are embracing these bold cheeses for their dishes. The thinly shaved chicken breast and chunks of Gruyere melded together just right on the crêpe.  Everything was put together just right. I’m looking forward to trying the crêpe with arugula next time.

Crêperie is now open, going on their second week. Head on down and say hi to Ilya and try one of his crêpes – you won’t be disappointed. Tell him Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Vanilla crêpe – $4
  • Fresh strawberry with whip cream – $4
  • Banana and nutella – $5
  • Giradelle chocolate – $5
  • Avacado and sea salt – $5
  • Smore crêpe – $5
  • Gorgonzola, pear, walnut and honey – $6
  • Chicken and Gruyere – $6
  • Fig, turkey, chevre and honey – $6
  • Figs, brie, turkey and arugula – $6

Hours: Monday through Friday – lunchtime
Contact: unknown




  1. Oh man, it was good stuff. I got the turkey, cream cheese, avocado. It was delicious. Slightly flaky on top, soft further down the crepe. Convenient package to carry it in. Filling, but not too filling. They have quite a few varieties, both sweet and savory kinds. When I spoke with the guy, he said he planned on adding “a lot more”. This will be a new regular spot of mine, I’m sure of it. This is what’s so great about carts — you can get incredible, freshly prepared food for cheap.

  2. Glad to see this place move into the 5th Ave. pod. The previous incarnations weren’t as interesting.

    My first cart crepe was from the Snow White House, which used to be where the new Directors Park is now. I think it’s over by the Alder pod now. Surprised it’s not on your site yet. It’s been around for a long time!

  3. I gave these guys a try today. High marks are in order for the crepe batter used- it was a great tasting well textured ‘shell’ which held up well on the trek back to the office. At no time did it become soggy but was by no means too dry- in other words-perfect! I had the spinach, two eggs and mozzarella savory crepe as I do not eat meat. It was pretty much the only non-meat option. Mozz would not have been my cheese of choice, but I didn’t want to go off menu on my first tasting. The crepe was tasty and filling, but not terribly exciting.
    Suggestions- more veg options, allow the customer to choose the 3 fillings of their choice, more savory ingredients would be nice (I can’t imagine ordering a sweet crepe at lunch, which is what most folks are after, no?). And don’t be afraid to spice it up- fresh herbs could be a flavorful addition. Other than that, this cart meets with our approval~

  4. Looks like they’re gone — for sale sign on the cart today.

  5. Confirmed. They are gone. Too bad — the crepes were amazing. 🙁

  6. Absolutely terrible.

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