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Location: SW 4th and Hall (by PSU)


Chopollos is one of those carts that has taken their space and converted it into both a cart and dining area. By taking over 2 spots in the lot, they have a place for their cart and a place where you can enjoy your food under an awning. In the realm of carts, there are few that offer covered seating.



Chopollos specializes in Mexican food – a traditional taqueria with tacos, burritos, tortas and other items you would expect from a Mexican cart. They do have on their menu some items that I haven’t seen at the other carts downtown that intrigued me, but only after I had ordered my carnitas burrito. One item, Huarache (yes, like the sandal) is a masa base made with corn flower topped with all different toppings. Like many taquerias, they had photos of their food and just looking at the huarache made my mouth water. But I had ordered the burrito and vowed to enjoy it.



The carnitas burrito I received for $4.50 could have fed a small family. It was a monster. Filled with refried beans, rice, carnitas, pico and guacamole, it was just what I needed on that busy day. It came with hot sauce, which I used, but only to spice it up. The flavors in the burrito were enough to keep me eating even though I knew I shouldn’t finish it. I did.

Chopollos has an extensive menu, yet when you peruse it, you realize there are only a few variations on traditional Mexican fare. They do offer breakfast burritos along with hamburgers and even fish tacos. Judging from the steady stream of customers, they are pretty popular down there which tells me they make some great food consistently. Check out Chopollos next time you are down there and need something different and tell them Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Tacos – choice of meat including carnitas, asada, pollo, veggie or fish – $1.50
  • Burritos – rice, refried beans, choice of meat or veggies – $4.50-$5
  • Breakfast burrito – eggs, potatoes, cheese, bacon – $4.25
  • Chorizo con papas – chorizo, eggs, potatoes, cheese, sour cream – $4.50
  • Chopollo burrito – chili relleno with refried beans, rice, steak, picado and guacamole on flour tortilla – $5
  • Hamburger – $5
  • Veggie or Chicken tamale – $1.50

Hours: Breakfast through lunchtime, Monday through Friday
Contact: unknown



  1. Oh sweet huarache! It is the best of all things. I went once and told them that I always get the huarache, but thought I should try something else, and asked what they recommended. They said just get the huarache, it’s the best.

    They have a great veggie selection, too, and will gladly make other things veggie that aren’t. (see huarache)

    They use more fresh ingredients than I’ve seen at other carts, too, like avocado slices and bell pepper strips. Their veggie burritos actually have veggies in them, and aren’t just rice, bean and cheese bombs. I used to get the tofu burrito before discovering the huarache.

  2. Mmmm, chopollos is gooooooood. Their huarache is $4.50 of awesome.

  3. I’ve been to Chopollos many, many times, and I always get the same thing: the Chopollo Burger. (technically, Chopollo Burger no tomato) This has got to be the best $5 you can spend in the area, dare I say downtown in general.

    Oh yes, it’s that good. Made like a torta, this bad boy contains meat, lettuce, tomato (if you like), pickles, mayo, bacon, cheese, mustard, ketchup, and I think that’s it. Very juicy, savory, big, and best of all, comes with fries. All for $5.

    So the next time you’re in the neighborhood, and only have $5, stop by Chopollos and get the Chopollo burger. You won’t be disappointed!

  4. I love this cart! The cooks are nice and always ready for a laugh.

    I have yet to try everything on their menu but my personal favorite are the taquitos. They are perfect with a light topping of pico, a dab of guac, sour cream, and cheese. Its because of these that i fail at trying other things on the menu.

    Their burgers are decent and fries are thick and hearty if you have a craving. I still need to try the Chopollo burger tho!

    Did i mention that the prices are amazing as well?

  5. Good consistent quality. I really enjoy the Chopollos burger it comes on Mexican bread and has Mexican spices in the hamburger meat, bacon, cheddar, guacamole and the usual condiments. Very flavorful burger!

  6. Hi. I m angel. I love chopollos because is the best. Guaraches. Is my faborite place. Todo la comida esta fresca y muy. Buena. Gracias espero siempre. Mantengan. Asiendo la comida fresca y muy. Rica. Thanks. Angel. Rodriguez.

  7. I ate two awesome tacos from here today – the total was $2.50. Great deal. I paid with a $20 and received change as if I had paid with a $10. I am sure it was an honest mistake, but the experience left me a bit bummed anyway. I should have checked my change when it was handed it to me, but unfortunately I didn’t notice until I pulled the wad of money out of my pocket at the grocery store in my home town (60 miles away!). Check your change!

  8. I’ve practically had the menu at this point. Great and I keep coming back!

    5-stars, excellent value/quality!

  9. Mike Quinn says:

    they make the huarache out of corn FLOWER!!!???? Really???? Dude, please get a dictionary….


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