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BBQ Fusion

BBQ Fusion

Location: SW 10th and Alder (west of 10th)


Even with fall in the air and winter on the way, there isn’t a reason to leave the taste of BBQ to summer’s past. There are plenty of places in Portland to get your BBQ fix during the colder months.  BBQ Fusion has joined them.

BBQ Fusion offers up a few BBQ options including a pulled pork sandwich and BBQ ribs. I’m not sure any of the carts downtown offer up ribs, so this is new. I chose to try the pulled pork sandwich with beans and coleslaw. Before I could take some notes on the menu and such, my meal was ready. Speedy!

Pulled Pork sandwich from BBQ Fusion

Pulled Pork sandwich from BBQ Fusion

Before I cruised off to eat this, the owner suggested I try the white sauce. I can’t remember if he called it Alabama or Arkansas white sauce, but I took the suggestion and squirted a bit in my container. That was the best decision. I’m not sure what is in the sauce. Obviously mayonnaise based, it had spices and pepper that made it zing. I dipped my sandwich in it throughout the meal wanting more with every bite. It made the meal.

BBQ Fusion is located in one of the ever growing pods just west of SW 10th avenue on Alder. Next time you are up there and craving some BBQ, check them out and tell them Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Sample Menu:

  • Pulled pork sandwich with beans and coleslaw – $6
  • Grilled shrimp served over rice with coleslaw (regular or Cajun) – $6
  • Chicken skewers – Mediterranean, Thai or Cajun – $6
  • Sausage plates  – brat, beef or veggies – $4
  • Pork ribs – half rack – $10; full rack $20

Hours: Monday through Friday – lunchtime
Phone: 503-805-4155
Website: unknown




  1. Mayonnaise-based BBQ sauce comes from Alabama. They do a lot of things backwards there, and that’s one of them.

    PS – A helpful song to help remember your local BBQ styles:

  2. BBQ fusion is easily the worst cart food – and some of the worst food overall – I’ve had in Portland. Their “chiken skewers” are dried-out, browned, frozen chicken which tastes the same (bland and cafeteria-worthy) no matter which style you opt for.

    Their rice is Uncle Ben’s-style, also dry and flavorless. The beans are a joke – warmed beans out of a can. The sauces are totally borin and CostCo based like everything else. No wonder the food is served quickly – it’s not cooked, it’s just heated.

    I appreciate your blog, but if you like *every* cart you try, the blog becomes no better than the Yellow Pages – just a list of places, all equally recommended.

  3. I think this is a good opportunity to remind everyone about how Food Carts operates. We are not a food review site. We explore, we eat, we write about the carts based on our own personal experiences and view points, but we stay away from ratings, stars, and other critical judgments. We like to let readers make up their own minds on if they like a particular cart or not, and do love constructive, fair comments in return from our readers.

    For us here at Food Carts Portland, part of the joy of eating at carts is the discovery of new things at a low cost – and not all of those discoveries are going to be to everyone’s liking. Our motto is: let everyone decide for themselves! For us, this site is also about supporting small businesses, documenting Portland’s unique cart culture, and participating in the strong “cart community” in Portland and around the globe. While we might offer some suggestions and a few tips on what we’d like to see, or where a cart might improve a bit, if we really think a cart is horrible, we don’t write about it. End of story.

    If people are looking for reviews in the traditional sense before they head on out to try a specific cart, I would suggest going to Yelp ( They do a terrific job there in reviewing carts based on their guidelines and their members’ experiences.

    To be fair, we did do recommendations in the early days of running this site, but have intentionally moved away from that. It’s also a good reminder that we need to take those recommendations off of older posts. Thanks for the reminder!

    You can read more about what we do and our philosophy behind Food Carts Portland under our ABOUT page.

    “The Yellow Pages of food carts”. Yes, pretty much that’s what we are, minus the advertising and hopefully more sample menus and photos. No one is paying us to write about the carts or give them special treatment. We run this autonomously, out of our own pockets at our own expense. We never, ever accept money, gifts, food or other special treatment in exchange for writing about specific carts, or writing about them in specific ways.

    Hope this helps clarify things a bit more.

    Thanks everyone for reading and continuing to make Portland Food Carts what it is!

    Happy discoveries in cart land to you all and happy eating,

    Dieselboi and Cuisine Bonne Femme

  4. Lee Leighton says

    Thanks for the detailed write-ups about Portland carts. I just want to offer a recommendation for you to check out, a personal favorite of mine: Ugarit Mediterranean Meals (apparently named after an ancient Syrian village).

    Generally, I do not care for lamb dishes, something about the flavor in the fat just does not work for me. However, I understand from proprietor Mohammad that he roasts fresh lamb himself daily, and it is so well drained that I do not have that experience. His is the only lamb gyros in town that I have found I can eat.

    I have enjoyed my conversations with him – he is proud to have raised two sons by running his food cart business. I often take business colleages or out-of-town guests there for lunch. Also, his business card says he does catering, which could come in handy for some folks.

    You will find him in a green & yellow cart on the west side of SW 10th Avenue, just a bit north of Alder (between Alder & Washington).

    ~Lee Leighton 503 515-5890

  5. Thanks for the recommendation Lee. I don’t know why we’ve skipped over Ugarit, but I will personally rectify the situation next week.

    Thanks again for reading and for the suggestions! Keep ’em coming!

  6. A quote from Nev, “BBQ fusion is easily the worst cart food – and some of the worst food overall – I’ve had in Portland…” Although everyone is entitled to their opinions, being the owner/operator of BBQ Fusion, I don’t know what Nev is talking about, but it is clear to me that there is something fishy about his/her comment.
    Having said that, we take pride in our establishment and the food we serve. Having been only open for two months, our level of success and number of regular customers will attest to that. As to some of Nev’s review on specific food served, here is my version.
    We serve Aged Basmati Rice that is cooked fresh everyday. The beans are made from scratch with home-made sauce. The chickens are made daily and of course kept warm in the warmer. Our pulled pork and ribs are smoked, slow cooked and served the way they are supposed to. Our ‘Alabama White Sauce’ is made from scratch. We make our own marinades and rubs. We even make our own coleslaw dressing from sctratch (yogurt based). As you can see, everything we do requires great care and is super time consuming. We take pride in the results. At the end, you be the judge.

  7. > We are not a food review site.

    You describe food as “good”, “delicious”, etc and then tell us to “check it out”. That’s a positive review, even if you don’t label it as one.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a neutral Yellow Pages of carts. It’s useful to know when a cart opens/closes, what they offer, etc. But to a newcomer, it also reads like a review site.

    > If people are looking for reviews in the traditional sense before they
    > head on out to try a specific cart, I would suggest going to Yelp

    The comments on your blog are full of honest reviews by your readers. Of course, plenty of comments I disagree with, but at times they’re very useful.

    > I don’t know what Nev is talking about, but it is clear to me that
    > there is something fishy about his/her comment.

    Why is a negative review automatically fishy? I work with Nev. We’re just two guys in the area who admittedly have high standards for street food.

    To be fair, we ate at your cart before you served pork. I’m pretty sure chicken was the only option at the time. We want to like all the food we eat, but I’m sorry, both the chicken and beans were quite flavorless.

    I will come back and try your pork sometime soon. The whole pulled pork and ribs things is a bit played out in this town, but if it’s good, it’s good, and I’m willing to give it a try.

  8. Stewart,
    There is no value in writing a negative review of a small business and food carts are small businesses. We have a different definition of the term review and that’s fine. Let the reader determine if they like a cart or not. For $5-6, it isn’t too risky.

    See you at the carts.

  9. Dieselboi and Cuisine Bonne Femme,

    Please be a food cart review site, and not a yellow pages of carts. Please? Tell us what’s good, and what to avoid. There are some fantastic carts out there, and some not-so-good. There’s no way to tell the difference just by walking by or looking at a menu, and I don’t have the time to sample every single cart in the city.

  10. Comments are closed until further notice. Too many off topic comments that have nothing to do with this cart. If you woudl prefer standard reviews, once again, we suggest Thank you.

  11. I have liked BBQ Fusion since the first time I tried it, which was the chicken skewers. I’m sorry to see they’ve been removed, and my guess is because of the comments here.

    I just want to give my props to this site. I like that it is more yellow pages than reviews. As dieselboi mentioned, yelp is always available, and that is where I go if reviews are needed.

    As an update, instead of the skewers, they’re offering a beef brisket sandwich.

  12. I went to BBQ fusion a while ago and I literally CANNOT wait to go back. I had the pulled pork sandwich and my sister had the pulled chicken sandwich. We did not speak proper english the entire time we were eating, instead eliciting cave-man like grunts of appreciation. It was that good. There is my review, if you need one.

  13. I’ve been to the cart neighboring theirs a few times and have felt bad that people stand in front of BBQ Fusion waiting for food from another cart. This last time I tried BBQ Fusion. YUM. I got the bowl with beans, rice, and pulled pork. I’m not the world’s biggest bbq fan and, while I love spice in other dishes, don’t like a super spicy bbq sauce. This wasn’t spicy, it was tangy and delicious. Bbq is such a subjective thing, with opinions all over the board. This may not be everyone’s favorite style of bbq, but the quality was excellent…and it was one of my favorites.

  14. Love this place. Moved into an apartment right across the street about a month ago, and this was one of the first carts I tried. Got the bowl with beans, rice and brisket. TOTALLY impressed. The Alabama white sauce was delicious on the brisket, and the beans were very tasty. As the reviewer above said, BBQ is a very subjective style of food, but I really enjoyed this cart. Going back for lunch today!

  15. The “Pit Master” Joe was kind enough to supply some of his fabulous ribs for our Friday afternoon, pre-Civil War office Tailgate yesterday. I don’t even really like ribs that much. Apparently I’ve never had GOOD ribs because I wolfed down 3 servings of these. That should tell you something…and that something is that these ribs are pretty damn good.

  16. Just had the pulled pork with rice and coleslaw. It was really flavorful, not gloppy with sauce. I was happy to be able to choose the side dishes I wanted. The owner was friendly and personable and it seems like he gives all to his work. Kudos. I will definitely return.


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