Boy Gorilla Coffee

Boy Gorilla Coffee

Boy Gorilla Coffee

SE 11th and Clay


Coffee. $1. What else is there to say? Simple. Straight forward. Good tasting coffee. $1. Boy Gorilla coffee figured this one out. All around the Portland State University [relocated to SE Portland] campus are both corporate and non corporate coffee shops. Last I visited one, a small cup of black coffee started at $1.40 and it wasn’t that good. For $1 at Boy Gorilla, you get a 12oz cup of Legare’s house blend coffee. You can opt for tea or chai or iced tea all for $1, but I got the coffee. Pretty tasty for $1.

Boy Gorilla is right there just west of the MAX tracks on SW Mill st on SE 11th and Clay. (I grew up on Mill st. in SE Portland, fancy that!) Eschew the bigger coffee chains and give them a try. Tell them Food Carts Portland sent ya.

Hours: “most days” morning to evening
Website: Boy Gorilla blog
Twitter: BoyGorillaCofee



  1. Boy Gorilla Coffee says:

    thanks for the write up! stop by again soon guava cookies are back for a limited time, and the voodoo donuts mobile truck is parking right behind us on weds. and fridays from here on out. fyi: official hours for BG Coffee: Mon-Thur. 7am-8pm, Fri. 7am- 6pm

  2. lamanyana says:

    They have good guava cookies, too.

  3. Dear Website,

    We now sell hot oats! Just 3 dollars for a cup with nuts, berries and soy protein! Its delicious and cheap. Bring your own cup and its only 2 dollars! Yumm


  4. Boy Gorilla is definitely the best coffee in town. Unfortunately they moved form my location at PSU to this new one. I am now drinking burnt coffee and don’t get to talk to all the great people that run the cart. It was a very sad day when school started and there was no Boy Gorilla. Peter, it is time for you to get back to your roots, build another cart and and get back over to PSU. Brett

  5. frederick ernest says:

    I miss the other boy gorilla. but was glad to buy your coffee as well.


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