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Beyond buying local, what can a person actually do on the food security issue? Well, how about start a food cart? That’s what Lickity-Split, which appeared July 20th on the corner of NW 10th and Hoyt St. in the Pearl, did. Once profits start rolling in, their LLC will donate everything beyond cost and two livable wages to improving the area’s supply of locally grown food. What specifically that will be is up in the air while they go through the early stages of the venture, which for now focus on feeding customers well and breaking even, but moving the idea from “local, seasonal and fresh” to “local, canned/preserved and year round” is one goal. One benefit of stopping at Lickity Split is that you can multitask while you wait to place your order by engaging the owners in lively conversation on food security.

I stumbled upon the cart on its third day of operation along with a few other curious onlookers, and from the aroma was instantly disappointed that I’d already eaten my lunch of leftovers. I wasted no time getting there the day after. Shelly O’ Grady, who some of you may know from her days at Whole Bowl in the Pearl, and Daniel Drumright hook up their serving cart to a tiny all-electric GEM ES series shiny black car and under a ladybug-motif umbrella serve two kinds of meatballs daily, one vegan and one pork, with a choice of peppery marinara or spicy green chili sauce and either Tillamook Cheddar or vegan cheese topping. You can get all this in a panino for $3.95 or on heirloom, sundried tomato polenta for $4.50. I tried the moist, light pork meatballs in the peppery marinara on the creamy polenta with the Tillamook. This meal tastes of home-kitchen freshness! And why wouldn’t it? All the produce is from their garden, and the pork from Sweet Briar Farms in Eugene.

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Yes the choices are limited, but I’ll bet there will be little waste and lots of satisfied bellies with this model. Whole Bowl has done well with a one-dish approach, as has Nong’s Khao Man Gai as two cases in point.

During the summer Lickity Split will also be serving a cucumber-basil lemonade for $2.50. A cool weather drink will be offered after September, most likely a hot chai. Hot Lips soda for $2.50 is always a fall back. Kettle Chips are $1.25.

Shelly and Daniel’s venture is a welcome addition to the Pearl, where food carts are known by their scarcity. I hope their arrival augers well for the “cartrepreneurs” in this neighborhood where a good, inexpensive lunch can be a difficult at worst or repetitive at best experience.

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Sample Menu: See above description…

Hours: Monday through Friday, 11am to 2pm.

Phone: 503-449-6862


Twitter and website coming soon…



  1. Looks good!

  2. I eat at carts often and Shelly was a real standout in the cart world when she worked at Whole Bowl; always a smiling friendly face, remembering customer’s names and preferences. People liked going there because both her and the food made them feel good. Once she started a new venture, many of us regulars were happy to try out her new cart. It was super yummy and a much better start than I imagined possible. Plus, it will only improve, as they are still learning as they go, because a new business is a new business. However, they have all the right ingredients: excellent service, delicious, healthy food, sustainable practices and making a difference. I will be a regular, and I too welcome another affordable place to eat lunch.

    Thanks for the site and the reviews. It’s a useful resource.

  3. Shelly is my Whole Bowl buddy! I loved talking to her while getting lunch at the cart. I have not tried her new business though, and now I am going to have to. What a great business model.


  4. shelly is amazingly wonderful and made the whole bowl just that much better. the cucumber basil lemonade is incredible!

  5. Shelly is so alive. I’ve known her for many years and any place she has worked knows how blessed they are. This cart went from a dream to reality and it shows. Amazing food, great idea, healthy for us… healthy for our planet.

    I’m not shocked as I knew already it was going to be great, but none the less I am still ultimately impressed. I will definitely be a regular customer.

  6. OM to the G! I am eating the vegan meatballs with polenta and spicy green chili sauce right now, and it is delicious! Everything is handmade from scratch with locally-sourced and organic ingredients. And, the prices are great even by cart standards! I too enjoyed visiting Shelly at Whole Bowl, and agree that her warmth and friendliness- paired with an uncanny memory for faces, names and food preferences/restrictions makes her a PDX all-star!

    Can’t recommend enough!!!

  7. Good food, friendly service. Thanks so much. My first experience won’t be my last.

  8. i went to NW 10th and Hoyt on friday (a little after noon) in hopes of trying LS for the first time. however, the cart wasn’t there. my friend and i walked around in a 2 block radius, but found nothing.

    are they closed on certain days, open during others other than when i showed up, or just occasionally open?

  9. I’m not sure what the regular hours are, but I just had lunch there today — deee-licious. I think I’m going to start a new religion devoted to the green chili sauce.

  10. I stumbled upon this cart today while taking a lunchtime walk in the opposite direction of my usual route that takes me to the food carts on Alder. The supersize ladybug umbrella caught my eye – enough to make me curious about the menu. Although pork meatballs sound oustanding, I opted for the health conscious vegan style with spicy green chili sauce and vegan cheese topping in a panini. Remarkably good, and a solid fill-the-belly portion.

    Highly recommend giving it a try. I know I’ll head back there soon.

  11. Shelly and Daniel’s cart is as good as it gets. Meatballs (I love the vegan choice even though I eat meat), polenta, the perfect sauce, and cheese – what more could you want a cold misty winter day? The price is unbeatable and so is the service. Shelly’s warm primo customer service is 5 stars, and she always brightens up my day. Thanks, Shelly and Dan, for your wonderful contribution!


  12. Don’t know if they make the best veg “meatballs” I’ve ever tasted, or if they just discovered something excellent off the shelf. Doesn’t matter, it’s just great and that’s all I need to know. Had the curious combo of polenta, veg balls, and green sauce + cheese. Pure bliss!

    So far I’ve embarked on a quest to get out of my usual cart haunts…this is my 3rd such cart and 2 days, and 3 for 3 so far.

  13. is this cart (Lickity Split) still open?

  14. @kim Yup, they don’t close for winter.

  15. Unfortunately their last day will be May 30th. Check out the facebook page…

  16. Eric Russelle says

    Its been months since I went to lickety but it still is on my mind for delicious local food. Shelly is the woman to know. Wonderful food? Oh yeah, the best ive eaten from a food cart. Love you Shelly!

  17. Lickety Split is sadly no more. Shelley and co have moved on to other things. We really miss having her cart and her lovely smile around these parts.

  18. Does anyone one know what Daniel and Shelly are up to? I hate that their venture didn’t work out. I’ll chalk it up to a tough location. The food was great and the service was 2nd to none.

    Missing Shelly’s smiling face 🙁


  1. […] ladybug on top has caught my eye) but we’ve never stopped until today.  It’s called Lickety Split and they serve both pork and vegan […]

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