Mississippi's Delta BBQ


Mississippi Delta BBQ

Mississippi's Delta BBQ

[December 2009 – currently closed for Winter]

Location: SW 4th and Columbia


I was wandering down 4th ave on my way to the carts down by PSU when I wandered by Mississippi’s Delta BBQ. I paused for a second then walked on, not sure if I wanted BBQ or not. It only took me about 1/2 a block until I turned around, walked back and met Brian, the owner of Mississippi’s Delta BBQ. And I’m glad I did.

Mississippi’s Delta BBQ offers up pulled pork, beef brisket, turkey and sausage. Nothing fancy here, but good food. Brian began describing how long he had prepped the pork and beef, making me salivate and wishing I had the BBQ gene. Since it was a new cart and Brian had a nice smooth southern accent, I asked if he had recently moved here. Nope. Brian came to Portland a few years ago to attend Western Culinary Institute and stuck around. I’m glad he did. Mississippi’s Delta BBQ is his way to venture off on his own. Eventhough the pulled pork looked and smelled divine, I opted for the beef brisket sandwich. I’m a sucker for beef brisket. Brian prepared the thinly sliced brisket on a bun with spicy BBQ sauce and then topped it with slaw. What a monster of a sandwich.

While it is raining today, it will be sunny again and that means BBQ weather. Head on down to Mississippi’s Delta BBQ and say hi to Brian. He’ll set you up. Brian, welcome to foodcartland.

Sample Menu:

  • Smoked pulled pork sandwich with slaw and BBQ sauce – sm. $3; lg. $5
  • Smoked beef brisket sandwich with slaw and BBQ sauce – sm. $3; lg. $5
  • Smoked turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato, cheese, slaw – $5
  • Sides – Mac slaw, cole slaw, BBQ baked beans – $1

Hours: 11am – 2:30pm Monday through Friday
Phone: 503 869 8184
Website: www.mississippisdeltabbq.com




  1. Those are some damn good prices for BBQ sandwich if they are tasty! If only he had corn on the cob or mac n chz as sides for $1…

  2. These guys were out in the same spot last summer. I think they also offer catering as well. I don’t see it on your sample menu, but last summer they offered a vegetarian option that was an awesome BBQ portobella mushroom sandwich (with slaw on it). I’ll have to swing over & see if they’re still doing that.

  3. I know they have catering, they catered an event for me last summer – awesome! I had succatash there last week and I know he has macaroni salad too…. only for $1! Very tasty in my opinion.

  4. Had the pulled pork today.. it was awesome.

  5. According to their website, they are only open Mon-Thu. Darn, because it’s Friday and I wanted some Delta BBQ.

  6. I mostly go on Friday’s so I asked the owner, Brian…and he said he is open M-F. He is in the process of revamping his website. I guess M-T is old news.

  7. I love Mississippi Delta! Brian is one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet and his food is so good!! Reasonable prices and the food is so good! He always has new sauces and revamps his menu often. You cannot go wrong here.

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