The Limp Noodle



[CLOSED February 2010]

Location: SW 3rd and Ash [updated 9/09]


Up on the west side of 10th ave some new carts have sprung up – Nong’s, Savor Soup house and now The Limp Noodle.  I chuckled when I first saw the name – pretty cheeky and a good play on words. You cannot miss this cart as it is bright and shiny – a fire engine red cart standing out on the lot. [Update 09/09 – Limp Noodle has moved their cart down to SW 3rd and Ash]

The Limp Noodle is a pasta cart. I think it may be the only one in town that focuses specifically on pasta dishes. They offer a few different types of noodles and your choice of sauces. Whenever trying something new, I always go for a favorite of my own, so when I visited, I picked up penne with meatballs and marinara. The amount of food I received was more than I expected. The flavor was just what I expected – a marinara sauce with meatballs. Usually, sauces are either missing something or have too much of something.  This sauce was spot on and didn’t have that acidic quality that sometimes happens with tomato sauces. While I was eating it, someone walked up and inquired as to where I had gotten such a great looking meal. I’m pretty sure that’s a good sign.

The Limp Noodle also gets props for keeping it mobile. While they are permanently parked on 10th and Alder, they broke away recently to serve up their plates at the recent Sunday Parkways event in North Portland. They are listed as one of the food vendors all summer, so if you are out this month in NE or in August in SE, say hi and pick up some pasta to replenish the calories you burned while riding your bike around without cars.

Sample Menu:

  • Soup – Tomato Basil – $2.50
  • Salads: Caesar – $4.50; Chicken Caesar – $6.50
  • Pasta – choose from Spaghetti, Fettuccine or Penne; Tortellini or Ravioli add $1
  • Sauces:
    • Marinara – $4.50
    • Meatballs with Marinara – $6.50
    • Alfredo – $5.75
    • Chicken Alfredo – $7.50
    • Creamy Clam – $5.75

Hours: Lunchtime, Monday through Friday
Contact: 503 780 0519
Twitter: TheLimpNoodle



  1. Michelle says

    Will they be coming back to 10th and Alder? The cart was gone when I walked past there yesterday.

  2. Walked past it Monday afternoon and it was still there.

    Came back Tuesday morning and it was gone.

  3. Matthew Pfeiffer says

    My name’s Matt and I’m the owner of The Limp Noodle. I moved my cart for the summer because I will be attending special events and county fairs until september across Oregon/Washington. Business was a bit slow at this location but I may return there in the fall. I also might move to a different location. But my trailer will be gone for the whole summer.

  4. The Limp noddle was one of my favorite carts. I love pasta, so it was always a simple choice for me. I have ordered most of the items on the menu and was pleased with all of them. The food isn’t too heavy or rich, it’s just right. I am sad that they will be gone for the summer, but at least it gives me something to look forward to fall for.

  5. i should have read the comments! i just read about this cart and headed over there eager for pasta, only to find it gone. i’ll just have to be patient until the fall…

  6. Actually, Yarp at 12th an Hawthorne also focuses specifically on pasta as well.

  7. Chip Barbieri says

    I have to write in about this food cart and comment on their meatball subs! These meatball subs are truely the best I have ever had! Their Italian sodas are really good too! Great combination. Visited them at the Sunday parkways here in Portland…can’t wait until Fall so I can have some every week!

  8. Hey everyone! It’s over on SW 3rd & Ash, next to Captain Rick’s Wild Seafood!

  9. Ate there today (9/23/2009). The menu was less extensive than is listed on this site and the food was cold by the time I walked back to my office in big pink.

    I tried the raviolli and marinara and thought the raviolli was a big undercooked.

    Maybe a bad day for them. I look forward to trying the meatball sub.

  10. I liked the post and your writing style. I’m adding you to my RSS reader.

    Greetings from Tim. 🙂

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