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lindo-1Location: SE 41st and Division
No-Fuss, No Muss, No surprises Mexican taco truck in the heart of SE Division. Beloved by neighborhood residents, the employees from the fancy Lauro Kitchen across the street, and just about anyone looking for quality food at very affordable prices.

Everything, from the whopping burritos to the double big-mac sized tortas are under $5.00, and I think the tacos shine most here with flavorful and tender Barbacoa, and Carnitas being my favorites. For those looking for some more adventurous taco toppings, ask for the Cesos (beef brains), Birria (goat meat) or Cabeza (beef cheeks). Sopes, those satisfying soft corn pancakes with choice of meat toppings are also available for a mere $3.00. In addition, because this is Portland, Lindo understands the concept of food for vegetarians and vegans; you’ll have no problems here asking for lard free beans.

The Tortillas are also especially good: fresh and tender and made daily. A sign on the truck says,



Is this the fanciest cart in town? No. it the most imaginative food around? No. Is it as good as your favorite “just like the tacos back in Fill-in-the-Blank?” No. But Lindo Michoacan serves up perfectly decent food at prices that are affordable by just about anyone. In this age of economic freak out, Lindo is doing a wonderful public service in my opinion. Good food for the masses!lindo-3

Finally, with one of the best covered seating areas of any Portland taco trucks (complete with heaters!), Lindo Michoacan makes for a comfortable dine in option during Portland’s gray and wet weather months, which generally means 10 months out of the year.

Sample Menu:

(Meat Choices – Asada, Al Pastor, Cabeza, Legua, Barbacoa, Chorizo, Fish, Cesos, Pollo, Birria, Carnitas. Vegetarian and Vegan options also available).

  • Burritos – $4.00. Super burrito $6.00. Choice of meats, vegan or vegetarian, chille relleno.
  • Tacos – $1.50. Choice of meat, vegetarian. Fish tacos $1.75
  • Quesadillas – $4.00. Choice of meats, cheese, or vegetable.
  • Tortas – $4.00. Choice of meats, or vegetarian
  • Enchiladas – $4.00. Choice of meat.
  • Tostadas – $3.00. Choice of meat or vegetarian.
  • Sopes – $3.00. Choice of meat or vegetarian.

Hours: Mon-Fri 11-7, Saturday 11-3
Phone: 503-313-686


  1. Good cart, its where I turn when I am looking for more variety than Las Gorditas.

  2. Love this cart and now it’s even better because they have fish (tilapia) tacos and burritos. Yummmm!


  1. […] handles that middle of the day hankering for sustenance like dos tacos de pollo from Taqueria Lindo Michoacan.  It also doesn’t hurt if David Bowie shows up. Date: December 14, 2009 File As: Food […]

  2. […] I love the margaritas and fish tacos at Porque, Non? but for my money I’d rather go to the Lindo Michoacan cart on Division St. They have amazing birria nachos, and their carne deshebreda and cabeza tacos […]

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