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Location: SE Division and 50th (NW Corner Lot)

Description: I love many things about Los Gorditos. I love their psychedelic spaghetti western inspired mural, I love the nice owners and staff, I love that they are open for dinner and on Saturdays, and I really love their tacos. This is no mere truck with a kitchen, but instead has morphed into a cozy “cart complex” of sorts including a large covered deck and plenty of tables and chairs for eating in situ. Hipsters, Hispanic families and everyday working class folks of all types stop by this busy truck daily to fuel up on tacos, burritos, tortas and the like from lunch through the early evening. All Portland neighborhoods should be so lucky to have such terrific cheap eats.

Los Gorditos has a particularly deft hand with their meats, including some killer melt in your mouth cabeza, carne deshebrada and wonderfully seasoned encebellados. If you have no idea what these things are, I would suggest reading this excellent guide to Mexican Food for Gringos. Gracias!


Finally, Los Gorditos has figured out Portland has a largeĀ  and hungry vegetarian and vegan community and has developed a whole giant menu including the additions of Soyrizo, tofu or grilled vegetables in lieu of meat offerings.

Sample Menu:

  • (Meat Menu – choice of carne asada, pollo, carne deshebrada, pastor, lengua, cabeza, encebellados)
  • (Vegetarian Menu – choice of Soyrizo, tofu or grilled vegetables)
  • Tacos – $1.50
  • Quesa Tacos – $2.50
  • Burritos – $4.50
  • Stacy Burrito – Choice of meat and beans, rice, cheese, sour cream, grilled onion, cilantro, red sauce – $5.00
  • Super Stacy Burrito (same as above, but with extra red sauce, beef and jalpenos) – $5.00
  • Garbage Burrito (rice, beans, cheese, sour cream, onion, cilantro, CHICKEN, BEEF AND PORK!) – $6.00
  • Quesadilla – $5.00
  • Mulita (layers of corn tortillas filled with cheese and your choice of meat). Served with a side of rice and beansĀ  – $5.50
  • Enchiladas – Comes with a side of rice and beans (chicken or vegetarian) – $5.50
  • Fajitas – Comes with side of rice and beans – $6.50
  • Torta – Toasted bread with beans, choice of meat, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, tomato, jalapenos, onion, cilanto – $4.50


Hours: Mon-Sat 11-8

Phone: (503) 875-2615

Website: None

Email: None




  1. they have a second all vegan location next to city bikes at se 8th and ankeny.

  2. Their vegan nachos are one of the better deals in town–simple, tasty, lots of avocado, lots of marinated tofu, best beans & rice in town, $5, feeds two-three.

    I need to go to the vegan one Sfl mentions more. . . if only it were downtown, I’d go every week.

  3. I had the garbage burrito last night, and I have to say I was not impressed. The quality of the meat was low compared to other Mexican carts in the neighborhood.

  4. thanks for posting this. I’d been there once, and then forgot where it was. I live in Hood River, so am not in Portland every day, so just couldn’t remember the name of the place or where it was until I found this blog. Which is fantastic by the way. I will look here often.

  5. I agree with Ian – the vegan nachos are the bomb. This is one of my favorite carts and I don’t make it enough to this one or the all vegan location on Ankeney in SE.

    I usually just get the beans, rice and avocado with chips instead of tortillas for $4.50 to keep it simple, but sometimes I crave the soyrizo.

    They’re also the sweetest folks.

  6. maria ines arciniega leyva says

    Este lugar se me antoja para comer si algun dia voy a EU.

    Espero sea muy pronto!!!!

  7. Another tip of the hat to their nachos. Good with tofu, soyrizo, or soy curls if they have them. Grilled onions and peppers, fresh tomato, lettuce and avocado, and the portion is enough to fill up anyone. I recommend this place highly.

  8. This is a great place for the vegans, but the traditional meat offerings are uninspired and bland. If you’re into the real deal there is a cart on about 35th and Powell that is way better.

  9. oops..actually I meant Tacos Morelia on 52nd and Powell…great place..

  10. Hmm…the mexican food for gringos, contrary to your advertisement, only gives a definition for cabeza, not deshebrada or encebellados. You might want to link elsewhere.

  11. Kiera Hansen says

    LOVE this place. However, I wish my burrito or taco came with that the sign posted. It never does. One time my tofu burrito came with only beans, rice and tofu (no tomatoes or lettuce) and another time my taco came with tofu and beans (it wasn’t supposed to come with beans and was supposed to have cilantro or something). I have only been twice because it is far away, and both times the food didn’t include what the signage said. But the tofu is to die for and the beans are amazing! The service is friendly. The red sauce gives my mouth an adventure that lasts for weeks. I need to buy a car just so I can get to this place and magic beans.

  12. Check out Rika’s fotolog on Los Gorditos!

  13. We LOVE Los Gorditos! We’ve been going to the location at 12th and Division since it opened. Not a week has gone by that we haven’t had the incredible food these guys put out. We move this week – and thank goodness our new house is within a block or two of this cart. I really appreciate the vegetarian and vegan options – but my husband tells me their meat burritos are great too. Thank goodness for Los Gorditos!


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  2. […] deshebreda and cabeza tacos are served on handmade tortillas, everything on the menu is under $5. Los Gorditos, just up the street, offers a lot of wonderful vegetarian and vegan tacos. The soyrizo tacos are a […]

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