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Location: SW 5th and Oak/Stark Parking Lot

Description: I like establishments with straightforward names. Guess what this one serves? Vietnamese food of course. I like Vietnamese food for lunch because it can be filling but not too heavy.

VFTG makes a decent Pho, As in the spicy, Vietnamese Penicillin, good for what ails you noodle soup. Comes in either beef (pho bo), chicken (pho ga), or one they call “spicy beef flavor”. Each are $5.00 and come with the usual accompaniments of basil, cilantro, mung bean sprouts, and hot sauces, etc.

Salad rolls are a great bargain here with 2 for $3.00 or 3 for $3.50.

Other entrees include large rice or noodle bowls at $4.50 with things like grilled chicken or beef, some vegetarian options, and occasional specials such as the stuffed Vietnamese rice crepe known as Bahn Xeo and Bahn Mi Vietnamese sandwiches.

Hours: Mon-Fri Lunchtime Hours

Phone: Unknown

Website: None




  1. Horsewhistle says

    An abundance of noodle fills your bowl, but the owner still likes to handle money and food with the same hand.

  2. If this is the place I think it is, the pho was tepid and oily and the banh xeo were insipid. Everything tasted like stale cooking oil. I love grungy street food, but I would never eat here again.

  3. Unimpressive says

    I’m with Heather – if this is the place I think it is, I really was unimpressed.

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